Friday, August 9, 2013

Want To Learn How to Be Bulimic? Lessons From My 10 Years of Bulimia

When I was 8 years old I decided I wanted to learn how to be bulimic. I was a little gymnast and I thought it would be cool if I could eat what I wanted and still stay thin...
So, I began practicing bulimia... Testing all the bulimia tips and tricks that made throwing up easy... Drinking lots of milk with my meals, consuming massive amounts of water and eating only soft foods...
I didn't realize that this little game of trying to be thin was turning into a full blown eating disorder... One that almost killed me.
I became so addicted to being bulimic that I ended up suffering from it for over 10 years.
Thats 10+ years of:
  • Stealing food from family and friends to binge in secret
  • Having to get a job to pay for my new eating addiction
  • Spending my teenage years with my head down the toilet instead of hanging out with friends
  • Spending $6000 at the dentist to replace my rotten bulimia teeth
  • Damaging my esophagus to the point that I'd throw up by mistake when I was talking to people
  • Not being able to lie down without feeling the vomit slide up my throat
  • Absolute depression because I was hiding this dark secret from the world
  • Heart palpitations and dizzy spells
  • Severe heart pains which made me think I was going to die
Another thing I didn't realize back then was that bulimia makes you UGLY!
When I became bulimic I went from being a pretty girl to having:
  • Puffy chipmunk cheeks
  • Two rotten front teeth which had to be removed
  • Pimply and pale skin
  • Gray bags under my eyes
  • A bloated and swollen tummy
  • Massive cold sores in the corners of my mouth
  • And much, much more....

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