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You Can Overcome Bulimia - Offset the Effects of Bulimia Through Personal Development

Although I had to get my eating back on track when I was recovering from Bulimia, the real catalyst to my recovery was Personal Development. As I sank lower and lower into depression and ate continuously to block out the hurt, my self-esteem slipped to an all time low. Prior to suffering from Bulimia, I had been an extremely confident person. I was really good at sports and could basically master anything I tried. I was never afraid of challenges and was continually trying new things. I was a confident speaker and was never worried about talking in front of large groups of people.
At that time I was playing softball and I clearly remember missing a catch in centre field that I would have normally made with ease. After that, everything became difficult. I remember trying to play indoor basketball and I could not physically move my legs. Consequently, as the depression took hold, I basically just wanted to lock myself away. I didn't want to see anyone or answer the telephone. Often just getting out of bed to go to work was a huge effort. I didn't believe in myself anymore.
One of the significant parts of my recovery that is still extremely important to me today, is "Personal Development". As I started introducing some of the techniques, my confidence started to increase and consequently so did my self-esteem. I started to believe and trust in myself that I was the only person who could make the appropriate choices with regard to food and in other areas of my life.
Personal Development is the perfect partner to "Natural Eating" as they are both positive and empowering. Natural Eating teaches us to listen to our own body and give it what it wants when it needs it. The positive tools and strategies used within Personal Development will ensure that you start to believe that Natural Eating will work for you where other diet related weight loss programmes haven't. Generally when people start my courses they have given up on ever losing weight because they have tried absolutely everything else, only to have short term results. Eventually any weight they have lost gradually comes back over time.
By including Personal Development in my courses, it ensures that you have the appropriate strategies to lose the weight naturally and gradually. As it is what your body wants, it will last indefinitely. In addition you are growing and learning all the time and have empowered yourself to make the choices that are right for you.
In conclusion, through Personal Development you begin to focus on learning new things and attempting different challenges in your life so that food no longer has the hold on you it once did. Therefore the bingeing is minimised as you concentrate on your own Personal growth and get joy and pleasure from other areas of your life.

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