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Bulimia Tips No 7 - Do What Feels Good

Recovering from an addiction like bulimia requires emotional and mental healing, as well. Part of this emotional healing can happen when you start focusing on happiness. This one of my bulimia tips has to do with starting to do what feels good and to start feeling good about being you again.
With the roller coaster of emotions caused when you try to overcome bulimia, sometimes recovery can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. I have to be honest...there will be dark days in recovery. It's at those times when it's especially important to connect with your inner light - the inner knowing that you are a beautiful being and connected to your source. The process of reaching for the slightly better feeling thought, and then the better feeling, and then the better feeling will eventually turn that dark day into one of gratitude and happiness.
The ancient prophet Zoroaster preached a simple philosophy to His followers:
Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds.
My bulimia tips urge you to try and attain something similar for your own bulimia recovery:
Be kind to others - Being kind to others is an important way to build your self esteem. You can do volunteer work with a charity close to your heart. You can donate personal belongings or money, or you can simply start to be nicer to people around you. Be more compassionate with your family and friends. Be of service to strangers (think "random acts of kindness"). Appreciate the good in others and compliment them at every opportunity. When they compliment you accept the compliment graciously.
Be kind to yourself - If you've read about my other bulimia tips, you already know I believe the secret to sustained bulimia recovery is only available to you through self love. You have to look for the good within you and start to appreciate and accept yourself. If you value yourself for who you are - just as you are - the happier and more fulfilled you will be.
Be with happy and positive people - Optimism breeds optimism and like attracts like. By choosing to be with positive and optimistic people you can change your perspective into a more positive one. Even if you're a pessimist at heart, hanging with positive people is bound to rub off on you. I've found just stating to look for happier, more positive people attracts them to me.
Live for today while you create a better future - Rather than brood about past mistakes or what hasn't worked in your life instead live for today. Do things you enjoy - indulge in your hobbies, read, travel, spend time with friends and family. The more you do what brings you joy the better you feel and those good feeling will attract and begin to create a new future filled with more good feelings in it.
Reinforce the positive - Negative thoughts can transform into negative beliefs and this breeds self pity, regret, anxiety, and worry. But if you concentrate on positive thoughts these will become your beliefs and you will start to feel better about yourself. Look for the things that are working in your life, the things that make you feel good, and because of the law of attraction, you will start to get more things that make you feel good.
My bulimia tips are about recognizing and focusing on the positive in your life. More good will come into your reality when you focus on thinking good thoughts, saying good things and doing good things.

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