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Bulimia Tips No 4 - Change Your Internal and External Environments

Bulimia treatment programs, if they're to be successful, involve an overhaul of your internal and external environments. By external environment I mean your physical surroundings, the people you come into contact with and the things you let into your attention (TV, magazines, internet). By internal environment I am referring to your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. The 4th of my bulimia tips has to do with addressing both of these environments in order for you to overcome bulimia and sustain recovery.
List your goals - Articulate and write down your goals: how to stop bulimia by breaking the binge-purge cycle, redefining your relationship with food, controlling and managing stress and so on. Once you clearly define your goals, you can then take action to achieve those goals.
Look at your daily schedule - Currently you may leave work/school and head to the store to stock up on your favorite binge foods. You will need to rework your daily schedule to replace this with some other activity that supports you. As one of my bulimia tips, I want you to restructure your day with emphasis on the healthy and the empowering activities you enjoy so that you have little actual time for the rituals of your eating disorder.
Talk to people - Tell your inner circle about your recovery goals. Loved ones and those closest to you who know that you are trying to overcome bulimia will be sensitive to the difficult process and can help. If you feel comfortable, work with a counselor, sponsor or therapist so you can get the loving support that you need. It's time to stop going it alone.
Reduce stress - At work or at school avoid taking on extra work or responsibilities that will stress you. Wherever possible tell friends or colleagues that you cannot take on any more right now. Push back.
Eliminate clutter - Get rid of non-essential things in your life. Start with your physical environment. Clean your closets, empty your cupboards and fridge, organize your junk drawer, get rid of junk at home, in your car or at work. When your physical environment is free of mental stress and distractions, you will be in a better mind frame to focus your energy on your recovery.
It is important to reduce the clutter in your mind, too. Weed out negative thoughts, self-defeating thoughts, thoughts of inadequacy and hopelessness. Effective bulimia tips are about reducing this mental clutter and realigning thoughts to more supportive, empowering beliefs.
Arm yourself with a mantra - It can be a song you sing, an affirmation you repeat when stressed or a simple phrase that you repeat to yourself each morning when you get out of bed. Such a self help mantra will help you concentrate and center your mind and focus on what is important instead of turning to food to cope.
Look after your health and get your rest - Treatments for bulimia can be a difficult time in your life. Your body is undergoing fundamental changes, almost withdrawal-like symptoms, so it's important to look after your health more now than ever.
A multivitamin, tonic of food supplement can help redress nutritional imbalances. Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit will help sustain and bolster your recovery.
Getting enough rest is another one of my bulimia tips to help you manage as you work towards overcoming your eating disorder. Lack of sleep can be stressful and weaken your mind and will.
Make treatment a priority - There may be much upheaval in your life, but remember recovery and healing is your priority. So whether you're in bulimia rehab, visiting a therapist or are part of a recovery group, make treatment your priority.
Give thanks - Be grateful for each day that you're alive and you find yourself getting better, stronger and happier in your life. Mark this one of my bulimia tips - make a list of five things you have to be grateful for each day before going to bed. You have a lot of blessings so recognize and be thankful for them.

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